Am I annoying him? Guys opinions?

We hooked up and had sex 3 months ago. Then he asked me on a date in December. He was very persistent. We had a lot of fun and there's a lot of attraction. We then had a second date. But then I went back to school so we are about and a half hours away. We talk on and off here and there. I saw him 2 weeks ago when we went out for a friends birthday. And talked a bit since. I like were we were just hanging out. He told me he had fun with me too. But now I am the first one to always text him first. I want to hangout with him again but I don't want to come off as clingy or annoying.. What do you make of the situation? How should I ask him to hangout because Im only going back home for the night. Would you find that annoying if I was the one texting you first the last few times.. also when drunk?


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  • It doesn't depend so much who texts first as what kind of responses you're getting. Obviously if he hasn't texted you first the last 10-20 conversations you've had, you should probably stop, but he might just like getting your attention when you text first or you do it so often that he sees no reason to initiate because he knows you will. The next time you text him ask to hang out and make a real plan. If he doesn't make a date with you then stop texting him. If he really wants to keep up the relationship eventually he'll realize that he better reach out.

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