Hard to tell if he's still interested because we only went on two dates because of distance?

He asked me out on a date and was persistent. He told me he had a lot of fun so we went out again. But this was during Christmas break, and now I'm back at school so Im really far, like 3 hours. We talked a little bit after. I saw him two weeks ago when I was home and we hooked up. My view is because of the distance, we just don't have enough time to spend with each other, but I do like hanging out with him and want to when I'm home. I feel he feels the same way, should I bring it up? But now I have been the first one to text him. Im going home for a day in a week and want to hangout with him. How do I ask him? I don't want to come off as clingy or annoying


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  • You're not being clingy, you guys rarely see each other. Just ask him is he free to hang on that day


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