Need advice! What should I do?

SO I met a guy a few weeks ago on a dating website. I never had done anything like this before but, I was feeling a little lonely & I actually ended up meeting a really cool guy. We talked for a while & the chemistry was great. This past Friday he drove down to see me, went to dinner and we ended up spending the night together. The next morning we went for breakfast together and sadly he had to leave after because he had work. Now, ever since Sunday, things have been kind weird. He hasn't texted me as often as he did, and when I do send him a message, I feel like he's being a little dry. I know he wants a relationship, and I also know that he's super busy with his work but I'm just really afraid that I did something wrong. I like him and I definitely could see myself with someone like that, but I'm afraid he's going to slip away. I don't know if I'm just being a typical girl & overanalyzing this way too much or if I actually did something. I mean realistically, its only been like two days.
He said he had a really good time & he's happy that he came down.

I just don't know.
Please, any advice will be greatly appreciated.


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  • It's not because you did something wrong , maybe he kind of like you , but not so strong , or maybe it's just a one night stand , cause website dating always like this.


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