Guys, ever have this feeling before?

Ever have the feeling of when after breaking up with the girl you've loved for a long time, and she's moved on before you, and your still missing her, but you have this pathetic thought of missing her while knowing she's out fucking some other dude at that same moment your thinking of her and missing her?

Ever have this feeling?

Especially since you've loved her so much that you need time to gather yourself up until you start with another girl again and she's out fucking dudes as we speak.


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  • It helps actually, she's out fucking around so she's not worth the heartache. Move on, fuck her sister, her mom or one of her friends!

    • Nah i couldnt do that. Too much drama..

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  • YES! 100% YES. Worst feeling in the world... still having problems dealing with it

    • Fuckin sucks man.

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    • Dude im in the same fucking boat. Bitch cheated on me, and i know he's gonna fuck her over and cry for me back again, but i know i have to grow some balls and tell her to fuck off.. Lets do it together bro

    • Dude that exactly what happened with her. Expect this has happened twice. She originally left me for some stoner, two weeks later he used her and dumped her. Came crying back to me. I took her back, but she played games and fucked with my head. Then says she doesn't feel it anymore and go after ANOTHER stoner...
      Girls are crazy bro.
      Also message me man.

  • No, I can't say I have... With my luck, their out fucking other guys and still thinking of me...

    • I've had that too, but they are still fucking other guys.. Which sucks..

    • Not really. If they're not all in for me, I don't really care what they are doing. It's just confusing as fuck when they are doing other guys, getting married even and still stuck on me. I just never can understand that. If I'm hooked and in love I'm all tunnel vision to get what I want. Some how they can fucking love me but be with other guys. I just don't get it it... It scrambles my brain.

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