Are these signs a shy guy likes me?

- we made out at a party
- always smiles at me, looks at me, and will say hi when we see each other once a week
- he usually waits for me and will offer to drive me home
- asked to hang out, but it was during Christmas break and i wasn't in town and i told him when school started, so he could decide when, but i think he must have misinterpreted and thought id be busy with school and hasn't asked me out since
- his friend asked about "us" and questioned me about whether or not i text him or if i see him, and told me he thought something was going on between us.

But this guy doesn't text me at all, and will only talk to me when we see each other weekly. I bumped into him at a party, and he said hey to me and sat with me for a bit but then we got separated for the rest of the night and i didn't see or talk to him for the rest of the night.

Should i just send him a text or just leave it?


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  • Text him _______________________________________ filler

    • does he seem interested? all of that happened really slowly over like 4 months. Like randomly. He'd get bold, do something like text me saying he thought of me... and then i wouldn't be in town or something would come up and then i wouldn't hear from him. But when i see him in person, it seems like he's happy to be around me... but then again i can't tell if he's just being friendly or what since he doesn't text me or anything. I used to text him, but he'd stop replying during the convo and i took it as a sign of disinterest..

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  • There's a possibility he likes you or he could be just being nice. But most shy guys would only act like he is acting if he likes you. If you like him, you could text him. Hope all goes well !

    • That's why I'm hesitant on texting him. I can't tell if he's just being nice to me only. I clearly like him, but I mean he's done all those things so slowly over the course of a few months so i dont know.

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    • If you do plan on texting him. Start simple like Hey and if he replies you could carry on and work your way up like and ask if he has plans for whatever day and so on. About his friend, if he is a close friend, most likely they talk about you. He had to say something to his friend about you not talking or texting you. You could go about this the same way he did or whatever you deem fit.

    • Okay thanks! I ended up texting him, but he stopped replying since i guess there wasn't much to respond to what i said... i guess it's better to just talk in person