Nervous about first date after a long term relationship. Advice?

The last time I went on a first date was five years ago when I was in grade ten. We dated for five years and broke up several months ago now when he cheated on me.

I have a date this Friday and I'm nervous. Its been a long time since I went on a first date and I feel like a first date when your 21 is quite different then when you are 16. So some advice to be less nervous would be greatly appreciated


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  • take a deep breath before you meet with this man
    hold your head high and pinch your shoulder blades together sticking out your chest, walk to him as if you own the place

    i just went through this, its hard, you will make mistakes, but the mistakes are what makes us human, approach the situation with confidence you got this girl!


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  • God you make me nervous by just reading this, just dont panic ok DONT PANIC


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