Are you addicted? Once you decide to be exclusive, do you find you want to spend more time with your SO, keep things as they are or something else?

After you mutually agree to become exclusive, do you find yourself mmore drawn to your SO and want to do more with them? Do y feel that you have to reign in your emotions? What do you do to manage that?

  • Addicted: I want more time, I need more time, gotta have more time!
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  • Nah, what we have is great. Why mess with changing things?
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  • I'm not addicted: I can quit any time. We're exclusive but just having fun.
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  • Just show me the answers
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  • I'm usually addicted from the beginning. But girls tend not to like it if you're clingy or if you're too available, so I reign it in and play it cool.

    • If she's a keeper, I'm the same way. If not, it's easier... Which usually results in me being very selective from the beginning. Not sure if advise my approach.

    • lol! We have a similar approach!

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