What are your thoughs on sending a valentine the old fashion way through the mail?

I was thinking about sending this girl a valentine through the mail. we have sort of lost touch and she lives in another city so its not possible to deliver it in person and don't have her email. however I was able to find her family address ( as her last name rather rare and not many people have it ) and could mail it to her. I haven't seen her for a bit so she might be surprised to hear from me but she did have an affect on me when we were closer and friends. its not really a super romantic card I have picked out more one that says she's special and important person to me. and not aiming for her to want to like sleep with me , more show she was someone important to me when we were friends and that I still think of her.
anyways not sure what I think of whole idea now but trying to show I care somehow and not trying to be creepy


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  • I say go for it! That's very sweet of you. And old-fashioned stuff is always nice these days :) Would you look at mine please? Thanks! www.girlsaskguys.com/.../q1312996-was-it-more-about-me-or-the-parents

    • what about content? if the card idea is ok , it could still co over either way depending on what I say or what card is about , there is so many vday cards out there to look through.

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    • like no more than a couple sentences written in it? not overly emotional in nature? you feel it be ok to suggest we chat again somehow?

    • I agree with all of those things!

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  • I think that's an adorable idea! Go for it!

    • what should I say in the card? I want to say I miss her but don't want to come on too strong? I want to encourage her to talk to me online or something like that?

  • do it! It'd be cute:)


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