Is it weird to ask a girl to prom that I havnt talked to much?

She's a freshman and I'm a junior
I might ask her tomorrow with some roses but I'm second guessing because it sounds weird asking a girl that I havnt talked to in a long time.
She doesn't have a bf and I think she wants to go to prom.
I've tried talking to her in school but I have no classes with her and don't see her that much


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  • It's worth a shot! I mean, yeah, it would be more ideal if you did talk, but either way, I think she'll be flattered. Maybe make it more subtle? Just start a conversation with her and ease into it? Maybe something like "Hey (her name). How are you? I was wondering if maybe you'd want to go to Prom with me."

    • Thanks for replying! One more question, do you think I should text her for the next couple days then ask her?
      Because I don't see her that much in school this year and if I did text what she it start with? Should I talk about prom?

    • It might be a little awkward if you text out of the blue. I guess it depends on the relationship you already have, if you're friends, acquaintances, etc. Ultimately, it's up to you, or you could pull the lame trick that I totally have... And that's text about homework first. Or just start a conversation in person first and lead into it. I wouldn't text about it first, though.

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  • Go for it!!! Nothing is more flattering than a guy asking you to prom, no matter who it is!


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  • I say go for it, she will probably feel really special for asking her.

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