Can I call him to ask him to have enough respect for me to tell me he's not interested rather than just disappear?

This is probably more of an issue of respect and closure for me than anything else.

I was going out with a guy for a month. We were seeing each other about 2 times a week, talking every day and had a few sleep overs (not necessarily sex involved). All of a sudden, one night he cut a phone call short, then didn't respond to my text the next day, and then didn't return my phone call when I told him I was a little worried and asked if "everything was okay"

I'm guessing he doesn't want to pursue anything further. But he's also 34 years old and old enough to respect me enough to tell me it's over, not just stop responding.

Can I call him one more time in a few days to ask him to actually say that it's over without it seeming like I'm being weird stalking him?
Say something like: "I assume you're not interested in seeing me anymore, but please respect me enough to let me know. I'm okay with that, and I'm not going to keep calling you, but please just let me know if I'm right in assuming that".

It will most likely be a voice message, but for me, I feel like it will help me move on, instead of feeling disrespected.

Any thoughts?


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  • Let him contact you. It's a shame he's being an inconsiderate piece of shit. Meanwhile, start meeting other guys. No reason to put ur life on hold my friend.

    • Yes it is a shame! I prefer he be the one contact me, but I'm not sure that is going to happen. That's why I'm going to let it be for a little while. And I'm definitely not putting my life on hold. I'm trying to meet other guys. But I know myself and think I might still feel like I'll want closure in a week or so. Would saying that only end up being embarrassing?

    • If he's being a flaky fruity fairy now, he won't change anytime soon. I been in that situation. Yea it sucks people pull this childish crap but it's the world we live in. I betcha if you start dating a new guy, moron dude will find out and get upset.

    • Lol. Thanks, not sure how he would find out, but I like that thought :) I also think he might be a little intimidated by the fact that I make more money than he does, and I come from a more affluent background. It's certainly not something I flaunt, or even intentionally bring up, but I'm really close to my family, and it's not hard to put together if you hang out with me long enough :-/ He also overheard a conversation with my mom one night.

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  • Shoot, I just move on. Won't give them the satisfaction of knowing it bugged me in the least. Delete from contacts and move on.

  • I think you should do it as you say time to move on. And he won't reply then don't worry there a lot of men out and good ones so I see no problem in doing that

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