Guy is hinting I should ask him out, is this a red flag?

I'll try and make this as short as possible,

So there's this guy I like. We hung out a couple of times, he made it clear he wants a relationship (didn't specify with whom though) said he wasn't interested in just sex. He complimented me a lot, held my hand and stuff and made it clear that he thought I was attractive. Second time, I asked him to hangout , he asked me if I like someone I said yes. And somehow I managed to tell him that I would never ask a guy out. He on the other hand insisted that I should ask the guy I like out and that the guy will probably say yes to me. He kept insisting that I should do it like 4 times until we actually parted. My problem is that I'm too shy to ask any guy out, and I'd like to think that I've given enough hints to show him that I do indeed like him so why does he want ME to ask him out or does he actually think I'm referring to some other guy?

This guy is known for being quiet, can be awkward at times, never seen him flirt with a girl, barely speaks to anyone in class (including myself although I think he just acts weird when he's with a big crowd of people)

So any ideas as to what I should do?


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  • I think he didn't get the hint or he's testing you to see if it's other guy. If you like him, ask him out. You've hung out a couple of times, he told you that the guy would say yes! It's too clear. Ask him out and he'll say yes. Nothing can go wrong.

    • Wouldn't I sound desperate? And any reason why he wouldn't ask me himself?

    • I don't think you would. And maybe he's just testing you to see how far you wanna go with him.

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