Would you move for your significant other?

My bf and I have been dating for almost 2 years and we live an hour apart. We've agreed that we'd like to live in the same city but who's city? We don't want to live together just yet, just this baby step and see how things go.

He lives in a small college city that has cheaper living expenses. I live in a larger city with many more things to do besides go to a bar at night.

My job has a location where he lives, not saying they'd allow me to transfer there though. He'd have to find a new job or travel 2 hours every day because he works for a local company.

I'm very close to my family that lives near me. His family lives hours away and he only sees them for special occasions.

This is just a discussion that we have recently been having. Any insight from others would be nice.


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  • What if you just met somewhere in the middle? That way you're not too far from either of your places but you're closer together.

  • Is it a must to move in together?
    Is he willing to look for a new job? i
    both of u live an hour apart, if u have a car or him, u can always meet up...

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