Help... Moody guy blocked me from Facebook... Why? Seems a little ridiculous?

I'm newly divorced and thrown back into the dating pool. I recently rekindled an old romance from many years ago but he's been on the dating scene for awhile.
He told me that he's glad to see me and likes my friendship but we can't be romantic anymore. I told him I was disappointed but if that was the case I need to move on. He wanted to stay friends but I told him I didn't want to see his pics with new girls because it would just make me feel bad. No hard feelings but I unfriended him off Facebook. The next morning he blocked me. Is that him having the last say or is this standard social media behavior? We had just seen each other and I thought his cheeks were going to break from the huge smile he had but then this?
I feel like if he got angry and blocked me then he DID care about me a little. You only react that way with someone you care about. If I was nobody he would've said Oh well and not wasted his time. Dating nowadays is a real downer.


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  • Sounds like you wounded his pride by cutting your losses. Maybe he wanted you to beg for his attention?

    • My point exactly... You only get hurt if you have something vested. I have told guys I'm not interested and they cut their losses and I'm not wounded at all. It's like Whew! ok that's one less thing to worry about. But I hurt him? It almost seems like he wanted me around so when he felt like having me there I'd be there but I am not sure if that's too far fetched.

  • If he has to play the FB one upmanship game it sounds like you dodged a bullet with his ego to me.