He gave me excuses to our breakup…is it BS?

I met this guy off a dating site (We're both 20) and hit it off right away. From the beginning, he said he wanted something serious and if looking for a girlfriend. I told him I felt the same…we live just about an hour away from each other but we seemed to manage fine. I thought everything was perfect, he texted me pretty much everyday and saw each other every weekend. We were dating for two months.

Then suddenly out of nowhere, he texted me saying we needed to talk. He called me to say he wanted to part ways. After the short phone call, he TEXTED explaining why he broke it off: It's too long distance and we have nothing in common. Can't believe he didn't dump me in person..

I thought it was total bs because before we broke up we went on a double date with his friend, and they're also about an hour apart from each other and they seemed happy together, too. We both love animals, share favourite foods, matching horoscopes, etc… it felt like he was hiding something.

Why did he suddenly dump me?


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  • Have you ever dumped someone randomly?

    • Nope.. I've never dated somebody were it seemed to be going really well and have it end like that!

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    • Yeah :( I checked out the dating app we met on and he's updated most of his pictures... Do you think if he met another girl he would have updated his profile?

    • I'm not sure but I've never had any luck with online dating like I meet lots of people but it just never lasts. I met a girl online just recently and things seem to going really well. If I were you I would just move on like nothing happend. You'll find your destiny :)

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  • I honestly have no idea why he would dump you.
    I met someone one time on a dating site and we talked for a long time and all of a sudden he got a girlfriend and never talked to me for a whole two weeks. It really hurt my feelings that he would do that to me. Then after the two weeks he told me that his girlfriend had cheated on him by sexting a lot of guys and said "I don't want to lose you over something stupid". Meanwhile he treated me like a piece of property. After two days of not hearing from him again, I deleted all contact with him.
    Though with my current boyfriend now, he lives 30 minutes from me and he makes every effort to see me, I met him in real person whenever we were both on vacation. I believe the guy is being a jerk, but I'm basing on my own experience.

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