Does she think we're exclusive?

I started seeing a girl I met on tinder back in December. She's come over a few times for movie nights and we cudled/made out but she made it clear that sex wasn't an option until later. We never talked about where it was going etc... Since then we've hung out about once a week and text every few days. She's always told me how judgmental her mom is of the guys she dates and how she's not worried about me meeting her because she always upgrades (keeps comparing me postively with her past bfs). I finally met her parents at a baseball game last week (her idea, we went to watch her cousin play and they were there). Now, we haven't had sex yet and I'm not the type to go in a relationship if the sexual chemistry isn't there. In all honesty I met someone else who I have this sexual chemistry with and even though the first girl is incredibly nice and we can talk forever and get along great, there's just nothing there sexually. Now she wants to sleep over and I don't know what to do. Any advice on what she's thinking or how I could either get her to see that we're not exclusive or beak things off with her while continuing to keep her as a friend?


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  • Tell her! She's gonna be hurt, but it's better now than later :/
    This is why I don't wanna start dating again. Nowadays you have to have "the talk" or else they won't be exclusive with you.
    It sucks.

    Tell her because she's obviously liking you and I'm willing to bet she's naive (like I get) and hopes that you're being sincere.

    • I AM being sincere... I never once led her on or said anything to make her stand out. We JUST hang out. We met on a hook up app for god's sake. You can't expect exclusivity if I don't know what you're doing with other guys. Plus we're both going to different schools in April for master's so there's no point in assuming a relationship would come.

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    • Lol all the girls prior were cunts?

      Just be upfront. Tell her you're not interested in seeing her. That you're seeing someone else and you just click better with the other girl. If you only tell her you're not interested in her, she will probably still think she has a chance to win you over. But if you tell her there's another girl involved, 90% of good people will back down and get the message.

    • No, all prior girls that I had to break up with were cunts. Casually dated plenty of nice girls and I've been broken up with a few times.

      How about having a talk about where she wants this to go and then hinting that I can't be exclusive with her (without mentioning the other girl). It's not like I'm trying to date the other girl, if girl a is cool with it we can keep dating if she understands that she won't be the only one I'll be dating without me having to spell it out for her. If she's not all right with it then she can make the decision to break things off.

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  • Yo!
    You actually hooked up with somebody from from Tinder? :o
    I didn't even know that was a thing xP

    Hit it one more time for old times' sake and then be honest with her about how you feel, and be prepared for her to blow up and not contact you for awhile.

    If you wanted to be a gentleman, you could always not hit it first, I guess. But that's never any fun.

    • Lol that's what I'm saying... I didn't hit it yet but I could at any point. I just don't want to if she's only letting me hit it because she thinks we're gonna be in a relationship. I've hit it plenty of times with other girls off tinder before her :P.

    • I mean. . . Maybe hit it first?
      Or treat it like a "good news, bad news" situation.
      "Good news, here's the D."
      "Bad news, I'm gonna go reenact this moment with some other women."

      And you can just ask if she wants the good or the bad news first xD

  • "... while continuing to keep her as a friend?"

    Humans are such horrible things.