I want to ask my ex out again after a month of no contact?

I'm seeing my ex this Saturday at work, and i want to ask her out again.

It's been a month since i walked away after she changed the terms of the relationship, and wanted to be "just friends". I have not contacted her since, and i have not pursued her at all. i have also been using this time to improve my "game" and meet other women, as well as improve myself as a whole. It's still an ongoing process, but i am getting there...

I know she has been stalking me on Facebook, and her whole body language tells me that she may be starting to regret dumping me. Of course she has to work for it, but she is shy and a lot of my friends reckon that she may be scared to talk to me.

However, i am seeing her this weekend at work and want to ask her out again with the "take it or leave it" mindset i have started to develop. I don't care if she says no, but i am curious about how she will respond.

Should i just continue with what i've been doing, act cool around her at work, and wait until she reaches out to me, and THEN ask her out? Or should i bite the bullet and ask her out when i see her at work saturday?

Option 3: Forget about it :)


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  • I really think you should move on from her completely.
    but since you seem to not be giving gaggers much of an option, then yes, ask her out.

    • that is always an option... and i have updated the question accordingly :P

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  • Ask her out.


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  • Don't do it!

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