Things went to far the first time, and now I don't know what to do?

I went on an amazing date, he was the one who asked me out but then i was the one with the wild idea to tell him i have a surprise, so we went to another city and to a restaurant that served Moroccan food. it was great i could see his excitement and he told me how much i drive him crazy with the things i thought him. well i also had a good time and made the mistake of asking him to come up since i said i would show him some photos. i made it clear what i want, i travel a lot so i don't have any expectations from him but i am not into the one night stand thing, i just want to find somebody who is fun we enjoy our company and yes have great sex together. he said that is perfect and as he put it " what i can say is that i want to sleep with you more then once". ok so it happened we had amazing sex. he seemed quite interested to see me as soon as possible again, but i said let a day pass. since i will have a friend over he said to go to his place and he will make some food for me. yesterday he wrote to ask how am i, then mentioned it was a very busy day at work and then also on the day we are supposed to meet he will stay long so he will not have time to cook. so he told me just to go to his place.
now you see i am not so comfortable, the first date it was great i told him i am meeting him with no expectations, then we he said we should travel together and saw that we have fun together maybe some expectation appeared, not that i expect him to commit to me, but i am not interested in just sex.
i don't know what to do, i thought about canceling the meeting, but i do want to see him, then i am thinking of sending him a text to have a quick dinner at a place we both said we liked, i already said what i expect from him but i did not ask what he wants from me :(

well when i asked him to join me for a quick dinner he said he will not be home before 7 and has a loot of food with him. ok i will not over think this just go to see him as planed and just ask what he wants since i already said what i want


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  • You sound like you are confused as to what you want yourself. You need to talk to him more clearly about what you both want, then you will both have a better idea.

    I don't know why you are scared. If you think he's getting too attached and you don't want anything serious then you need to talk to him.

    • on the contrary i am afraid if i go to his place this evening it will be all about sex, and then he will just loos interest in me

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    • i just said it calmly, mentioned that i like him and that i was thinking not to see him that evening because i thought that he just wanted sex, but then i thought that well i like him so i will just go see what happens, at the end of the day if he just wants that i will not dye from suffer. he just laughed and said his feelings are hurt, but i made sure i told him that out of all the people i meet with him i want to spend time. his problem is that he doesn't want to talk about his expectations, although i asked him what he expects from me, he just changed the subject and said he agrees with my idea,
      i don't know why i bother so much, i told him i would like to know more about him, when i left i noticed he had some dj equipment, that he was a dj, he pointed out that now i know something about him.
      he was nice, we talked a lot realized we agree on many topics, he was nice saying it was nice to have me here, wrote to me after i left to wish me good night

    • He probably doesn't know what he wants then, not uncommon.

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  • You just need t ask.

    • well i did ask, apparently some people don't like to talk, told him that i am not in it just for the sex, yes i might not be here in 1 month but in the meantime i would like to spend time with him since i think he is funny, good looking and easygoing. maybe i said to much when i told him that yes i was afraid he just wanted to sleep with me one more time an then never call me again, but at the end of the day that would not kill me, the world is full of people.

  • Just Tell him what you want but going places with him should help just nee calm and everything should be ok

    • thanks, yes i will send a text to go for a quick dinner, but i just need to keep calm and enjoy the time spent together

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  • Talk to him about it.. if he is really interested in you.. he will understand you..

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