Should I visit him?

Our story:
- We met when he's travelling Asia
- He has visited my city three (3) times when in the Asian region
- We've slept together
- He gave me a teddy bear
- He went home to Africa and recently started a new job
- We talk every now and then and it's been five (5) months since he left
- He doesn't wanna do LDR

Cost: USD1,800.00 for return flights

Should I take the leap of faith to visit him?


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  • This is a rather big step isn't it? It's something you need to decide whether or not you feel it's what you want to do, nobody on GAG can make that decision for you.

    • Sigh, I'd really like to give it a shot, but the costs involved are too high for me to afford and I really don't feel confident enough that he'll be able to see a future with me after that? :( Can't decide!

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    • It's not "just for sex".

    • As I say sit down and have a think about things, the fact you needed to ask a bunch of strangers on the Internet paints its own picture, good luck. :)

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  • I'm just gonna say, You are taking a big gamble. It's a bigger one than I would take for someone I have only visited three times.

    • Yup it does feel like a big gamble :/

    • I would wait until something can be established with someone a little bit closer to home.

    • Shame, never gonna happen in my case. He's South African and I'm Malaysian. Either I date someone locally (which screwed up about ten times in the last three years), or we decide to move closer to each other.

  • You shouldn't.


What Girls Said 1

  • Sounds like An amazing love story!! Did he ask u to visit? Do u want to? What country is it?

    • I wish it is an amazing love story! No, not yet, but I want to. And it's South Africa by the way.

    • Sounds a bit crazy but I would go of he insisted. Very romantic story but if he doesn't I wouldn't. .. don't get your hopes too high but if he insists go. And I wish u beat of luck

    • Thanks, if I do visit I'm doing it in October (his birthday). Will see how it goes and decide sometime in July.