I'm going to be honest, tell me my problem?

Here's the type of girl I am with my s/o:

We will talk everyday. The conversations we have will be amazing, it won't be an empty conversation just because we feel like we have to talk.

I will remember all important dates. Birthdays, any big test he has I make sure to say good luck, I ask how things go when he mentions something big is gonna happen.. for example, a job interview.

If he's upset, I will drop everything and be there for him.

I cook for him and go out of my way to make him feel special.

I expect him to remember my important dates, to ask me how things go, to be there when I'm upset.

I expect him to text me once a day, at least.

I expect him to make me feel special once in a while, it could be as little as walking me to my door or randomly giving me a hug.

I expect us to have a date night at least once a week, depending on how busy we are

If he takes a whole day to respond to a text or call me back, I will go psycho. Example of a real text I had:
Me: So, what are you up to?
Me: (9 hours later) Oh, I guess you're dead then.

So tell me what my problem is. Why can't I keep a man


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  • How about the last 2 paragraphs... People can be busy you know... I think you might come off as an obsessive gf... You don't have to talk everyday you can give it a rest. You come off too strong. Also it seems you love the idea of being in love more then loving the actual person.


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  • You're problem is that you expect people to be like yourself.
    and when they are not (because we are all individuals) you fly off the handle.

    accept people as they are
    don't "expect" anything.

    And going "psycho" is never a good thing. Lol

    • Very true. I don't know why I get so crazy when someone isn't like me. I'm not sure how I can change that and be more accepting.

    • Just force yourself.
      every time you want to go nuts.. count to 5 and remember that we are all different.
      doesn't mean we feel different. . just show it differently

  • Your response is a bit extreme. It may turn off a lot of guys. You do a lot, but you are not crystal clear about your expectations.


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  • Lmao! I think that's just cute..

  • Woahh, you're in love, but in a very... I don't know... crazy wayy LOL XD you're easily hooked, and that's why you can't really keep a man, some guys will take advantage of you, and you should have more self respect

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