Why do guys who are in a relationship flirt around with several women?

men, does it mean that he is bored or looking for some other things? Or it is harmless? If he is genuinely interested with girls other than the gf, he should break up. I dont understand


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  • Have to keep the skills sharp. Never know if a break up is coming down the road. Plus, it keeps her on her toes and on good behavior. She isn't going to take you for granted or treat you poorly if she knows you can replace her.

    • The girls who answered your question are bitter and damaged, don't take them seriously.

    • The girls he flirted with are not that good looking and i believe im better so i was confused. He assured me that it was nothing but that amounts to cheating right? Why would he want to damage the trust just to risk letting me know that he could be gone if i dont behave. Should i be worried then?

    • No, it isn't cheating, and no, it isn't something to worry about. I emphasize that flirting and things like it are a skill. You have to practice to stay good at pleasing a girl. Who's he trying to please? The girl he's actually with.

      Plus, think of this. If a guy doesn't approach and speak to women, he won't be interacting with women pretty much at all, whereas a girl in a relationship is still going to be approached by other men. So for a girl to maintain her skills is comparatively easy, since she doesn't have to go out of her way to practice.

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  • It's harmless to flirt around other people and by the way, it's not just guys.

    But since you said "several" that could be a problem. I'd personally would tell him and ask what's his deal.

  • Many guys do this. They are testing the waters...

    • How should i react then? Should i confront him or let it be so as he thinks im not jealous?

    • I would confront him.

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  • A. They’re whores.
    B. They have low self-esteem and need ego fuel
    C. They’re losing interest in their girlfriend yet don’t have the balls to communicate openly why or just end it
    D. All of the above

  • Not all men. Shitty men. Why? Because they're shitty. Personally, I'd leave him to do his flirting and find somebody else.

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