I NEED ADVICE! Could you help me?

So here's the deal. I met this guy on a night out through a mutual friend on New Years Eve last year. We exchanged numbers in the bar and that night i went back to his house after my friend left me (nothing sexual happened) and we kissed. a lot. We have been talking every day since (except this one week he hadn't paid his phone bill.) He calls me most mornings to wake me up (he has work and i have uni) and on the mornings he doesn't i always get a good morning texts Since i met him I've stayed at his house 5 times and he has taken me to see two movies and to dinner. We have been 'Intimate' a few times. I'm really starting to like this guy. I smile whenever I hear his voice it's ridiculous. I bet now you are thinking whats her issue? Right?
Well this is the thing. I'm 18 and he is 28 (I live in the UK so Its not against the law For us to be intimate.) The age not an issue for me. But I just want to know if anyone thinks a relationship between us could work or even if he likes me at all. I've never been with someone that much older so i don't really know if he genuinely likes me or just having some fun.
If anyone has any opinions/Advice good or bad it would really be appreciated.

KInd regards.

A Hopeless Romantic.


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  • It could work out. Typically the biggest problem is the maturity level of the younger person. You seem pretty mature for your age. Age is only a number after all. The bigger question is why hasn't he asked you to be his girlfriend by this time? It seems like enough time has passed, so I would see how he feels about that then you will truly know.

    • Thankyou for your opinion. But how do you suggest i find out how he feels about me?:)

    • Well it's been at least a month know. Just come out and ask him. If you want to be in a relationship just let him know that. The way he has been acting would lead be to believe he does. Good morning texts/calls usually means you're the first person on their mind. Well at least that's how I feel when I do that.

    • Okay. ill try that. Thank you!

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  • Sounds great, age is just a number so if you click just see where it takes you. Have fun!

  • You will understand whether he likes you or not after sex

    • What do you mean by that?

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    • Ok I am not a good person but you? Is it good to have sex with a man whom you know only for a few weeks?

    • I don't really see what it matters to you?

  • Unfortunately, these arrangemente rarely last... sorry!

    • Could you explain why?

    • 10 year age difference is huge. You will notice many issues because of it... once you get past the romantic stuff.

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  • As wise as I am and as many relationships, serious or what not, I have ever been in, sweetie, this one sounds like a keeper With------He calls me most mornings to wake me up.
    He is giving me sure signs, no mixed ones about it, that he is Into you, is going slow with his flow of nurturing and nursing the amazing chemistry and No "fling thing" you have both begun with this beguine.
    Age is just a number, Not a reminder, and I am seeing, without this being etched in stone, that he cares about you Unconditionally and there is a big possibility that if you play your cards right, he could end up to be your King And You----His Queen.
    Be the juiciest apple at the top of his tree by being hard to grab sometimes... and never let him make you a Last priority... keep him in line by not stooping for this and standing for that but for for now... don't wear your heart on your sleeve.
    Good luck, looking good so far. xx

    • Thank you for taking the time to tell me your opinion, and thank you also for not being mean and negative like some other comments i've received. Do you think it's worth taking the risk and seeing if he wants a relationship? He has told he he 'likes' me im just not sure if he wants to be in a relationship. How do i find this out?

      Thankyou in advance. :)

    • You are so welcome and anyone who knows Me and about me knows I am a straight shooter... life is a gamble, sweetie, and I see the beginnings of what could be worth the risk.. you are Not a booty call, he sincerely is Into you, and with these signs of the times, by going slow, it can reach this plateau of you both going into a Real Relationship... it may take time, he may not be any hurry but it seems with nursing and nurturing, he is taking some time to make sure so go with his slow... if I felt you were just being used, I would tell you, absolutely, but he is showing sincere signs of being attentive and going out with you. xxoo