She has, what looks like no time for me? Would it be wrong to break up?

When we first met we saw each other whenever we could, and it continued this way till we became official. And then She started working a lot. like almost 24 hours. Whatever isn't spent at work is spent sleeping for work or traveling. Since the new year we seen each other twice. And that was like the first week.

Its gotten to the point where i stopped making plans since i know im not going to be seeing her anyway , or she just bail cause she's tired, or work needs her. Growing up I was raised to believe that when a girl like you and really wants to be with you, they will make sure it happens.

So would it be wrong to call for a break up based on this? How have you guys dealt with this


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  • I believe for a relationship to work , it included many factors and one of them is spending quality time with each other. couples break off because of it and that happened to my gf , i find it a pity.
    before u call it off, i suggest u have a heart to heart talk with regards to the situation and give her one last chance to work on it.


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