Has your reputation been ruined by people and affect your dating life?

I consider myself as somehow ok but people told me that I look good and were attracted to me until recent years. I don't know if it is my baggage or that I no more lol good , I don't get the same attention anymore. Anyhow I have people who still talk bad about me some are true and some not. I used to be very outgoing and know people. Social media hasn't made things easy because people still know me and tell someone my past before I get to know them. I think jealousy plays the biggest role in spreading the rumors. This guy who was into me said something about me that I haven't told him and things go down from there. I think I will never get married or have life since my past is following me


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  • Nope. To be honest girl, once your past a certain age no one really gives a sh*t unless the rumor is that you’re a psychopath. Otherwise chances are that if someone’s believing the rumor, it’s because you’ve actually done something that suggests it’s true: not just some unsure whisper going around, but there are people who were affected because of something you have done. Which in that case, people may just think you’re a snake so they’d rather learn the smart way than the hard way. Damn if you really think you will never get married then you should just move lol Take yourself off of social media. It’s not worth it anyway!


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