How to control being insecure?

I only started seeing this guy like its brand new and we had our first little fight today. It was about the girls he follows on Instagram I accused him of being a creep and keeping his option s open if it goes wrong between us. Now his being texting me trying to get me to talk to him but I'm feeling pretty embarrassed by the way I acted and really confused.

I went through a really bad break up about a year ago and it left me with no confidence and feeling very insecure and paranoid. And its really upsetting that I can't control my emotions.

Is there any advice you can give me if you been in the same position. Thanks


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  • Insecurity is always bothersome. Personally the only way I've found to alleviate this is to talk a lot. Staying silent on the issues that bother you only leave you drawing conclusions for yourself that may or may not be true. Just talk about what you're insecure about, and be realistic about it. People will always find other people attractive, but that doesn't mean that they are keeping their options open.

    In conclusion, I think if you want to have a relationship with this guy, then talk to him, otherwise, it won't work out.


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