What should I do about loving my best friend? Will I ever get out of the friend-zone?

I don't know what to do because I have once again fallen in love with her. I asked her out 2.5 years ago when we first met, and she told me that I'm too young for her & we should just be friends. I was able to move on, but now that we hang out almost everyday and spend so much time together, I've fallen in love.

The thing is, she says that she's never going to find a guy, and doesn't like any of the guys she talks to online dating and that they're all weird. When i got jealous of her talking to guys, she told me "yeah i talk to guys, and make new guy friends, but none of who i want to be with."

I never had a friend who I would talk to literally EVERYDAY. And when i don't pick up her calls, she keeps calling over and over until i do pick up.

We went out the other day and she would link arms with me, or put her hand on my thigh briefly, or grab and squeeze my hand when she got excited. I put my arm around her and she leaned in and would rest her head on my shoulder.

I know that we're just friends, but the other day she invited me out for dinner and I told her i couldn't go because I was going out with another female friend. My friend thought I was going on a date, and i told her I would call her when i was done. She then texts me when I'm at dinner saying ,"we just finished dinner, are you done? Do you wanna come over?"

She thought i was on a date, and she goes and does that! I ended up going over her house and she kept asking me all these questions about the night. When i told her that it wasn't a date, she got happy and seemed relieved.

The next day she was texting some guy and I got jealous of her. She even asked, "are you jealous?" Later on she texted me and i told her that i was jealous and she asked "really? why? your my BFF"

it's just so strange our friendship because it seems like we're both want one another at times, but then we don't.


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  • Well, in one hand, if she says you are just her BFF, and acts like this, I think she is playing with you.
    But then if I think a bit more I dont think she is playing with you at all.
    Maybe she is jealous because you are your BFF and you are going with other girls. I mean, I do get jealous when my BFF goes with girls even though I just see him as the perfect friend.
    I would try to speak about this to her, if she still sees you like just her BFF.


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  • She could like you, or it could be a 'I don't want him but I don't want anyone else to have him' type of thing. A regular friend wouldn't be relieved by you not going on a date.