I've met girl, I am little scared, don't want to loose her?

I met girl at disco. We've talked for 2 days now. She seems interested. 1 day - she asked me if I'll be there again in disco.

Next day I've just talked with her randomly, about what she was doing etc... But today I just don't know should I click her and say Hey I am going on Friday to your city for shopping would you come along to grab some drink or...

Help me please.


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  • The moment you become scared to loose her, is the day you've already lost her.

    You'll forever live your life thinking this woman is an essential part of your life and you'll begin to make her your whole world, when the reality of life is that your whole world should be YOUR OWN and you should equally SHARE it with someone, not make them become it.

    Think on that son.

    • Yeah, but you know I failed so many times :D Should I just say hi etc... and invite her?

    • kambo. you have described how i feel about nutella :x

    • @harakiri

      Resist it's chocolately, siren call hara!


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