Girl seemed interested on me and is avoiding me?

Hi, a month ago a girl started showing interest in me. I go to school every moring by train, and she lives nearby, so instead of her going with her neighbor to school, she started waiting for me and some of her friends too. We started talking a lot and when we walk to school she comes right by my side. We were getting along really well, and last week (this is stupid but I want you to have all details) she showed up with makeup for the first time. Her bestfriend picked up on her because of it and we only had one class that day. I was the only guy that was going to be with her that day. That day I didn't say hello because she was a little far but she came to me and said it herself. The other day during PE she sat on the bench really close to me, and we talked, I dont think, to this day, that anyone as ever laughed that hard from me as she did. Recently, she doesn't speak to me as much as she did, and im really shy, so i dont have the guts to go talk to her when she is with her friends. She always says hello in the morning, with a huge smile and her eyes wide open, but she doesn't talk to me a whole lot. Today, one of her friends was with her, he was trying to hug her and she noticed i was looking at her, and she immediately pushed him away. I dont know what to think about this, I like her and I think she does as well, but her acting like this makes me confused and a little down as well. What can I do to solve this?


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  • She likes you. Ask her out.


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