Should I ask how she feels about me?

I met this girl and we have been hanging out a few times for over a month. We text often and sometimes do an activity together like running. However, when we decide to go out to a place for drinks, or to eat she would invite a friend without me knowing. But after we leave, she would invite me to her house. There has been a few times where she had let me stay the night. Nothing happened between us, but it kind of seems strange. Her friends that should would invite would always say, "She has told me a lot about you." She even invited me over to her parents house to watch a sporting event which I thought was weird too. I feel like I'm getting mixed signals from her and want to ask how does she feel about me. I feel that it might be too soon to see if she's interested in me. Is she trying to get other's opinion on me before she lets me know how she feels?


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  • Looks like she is into you mate. I'd say ask.