Do you guys believe men can be faithful?

I love my boyfriend so much. He seems like he is always honest and that he didn't want another woman but me. We are so in love at this point that I would be completely devastated if he ever cheated or something like that. I just want to know if you guys think men can completely faithful. I would really like guys opinion on this too. And maybe some tips on how to keep him sexually satisfied? Thanks


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  • as I am sitting here reading your question...the only two things that comes to mind are this...

    first...some fact... you are so caught up in men being faithful...when reality a days...women cheat just as much as men...there are plenty of recent studies to prove this. now ten fifteen years ago this was not the were I believe 40 percent more like to cheat then women...but that is just not the case anymore...women have very much evened the playing field. so even though at one point in time it was fair to have this very one sided view of is not anymore. both men and women do it almost as much as each other.

    second..and more importantly...

    you have some sort of insecurity about being cheated on...why that is I don't know...what I do know is that you need to work it out... bringing this type of insecurity to a relationship...especially without cause...will inevitably be the downfall of you two... men and women alike can pick up on their partners when you are constantly worrying about him cheating ...he can sense that ... he can feel it...and it feels like distrust. now when you are giving someone energy of distrust for no reason...there natural reaction is to feel attacked...and rightfully so because you have a lack of trust for them that is he hasn't done anything to embed this idea of cheating into your brain.

    thus the stepping stones for many future problems and insecurities and trust issues are layed...eventually splitting you two apart.

    do men cheat? yes

    do women cheat? yes

    are men faithful? yes

    are women faithful? yes

    it is really an even playing my advice to you to start working on this insecurity of yours...figure out why it is there ...and work on it till it is gone...before it starts to put an unnecessary strain on your relationship.

    hope this was helpful

    Brian from link

    • Amazing thoughts, I'll visit your site in a little while. I would love to see some more articles


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  • IMHO, faithfulness comes from a desire to stay with that person. Yes, couples do argue/fight/etc but on the other side of the hill- the same couple will make-up/talk/be friends.

    I lack the personal motivation to be tied down at this point in time (only with my significant other at this particular moment). I spoke to her about why that is- she has a history of cheating (with me as well). Yes I know this isn't a happy relationship, but all the same I am not running around to different girls when things go sour. There is not rebuttle to when a guy has his mind set on dating just one girl.

    There are several sides as no human-being is the same, maybe identical at most; we all have an inner-child that develops differently.

    If there is something your Boyfriend is doing that confuses you, please update your question and I'll be glad to help as much as I can :)

    ~ Best regards,


    • I guess this is what it is...The only other guy I ever loved chated on me, with my bf. So I kinda just have the idea that this man might be too good to be true you know? I guess I'm just scared because he moved out of his parents house and moved into an apartment to be closer to me. But recently we were drinking and he said he had to tell me something. He told me his best friends brother got out of jail a month ago and they went to a strip club. He denied getting a lap dance and he said...

    • Well- in my personal opinion I find nothing wrong about strip clubs. In most all of them, you are not allowed to touch the girls and most guys are intimidated by the women there anyways. Also, the women aren't there to get with your man, they are there to make a living.

      In addition, your past experience doesn't revolve around your new relationship nor visa-versa. The past is the past, the future has yet to come, and today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.

      I hope it helps! ^_^

  • of course men can be completely faithful. plenty of them can. just like plenty of women can, despite the fact that it may seem like the total opposite at times.

  • Of course there are guys that can be faithful. I'd never cheat no matter the circumstances.

    It's simple, there are people who cheat and those who think cheating is wrong.

  • Trouble only comes to those who worry. Take pride in your boyfriend and your relationship. We can't tell the future, and sometimes bad things befall us, but we can't let it stop us from enjoying what we have here and now.

  • I was a player. I had cheated on every girl I'd ever dated because I was a hornball and afraid of committment, yada yada. But, I fell so hard for this girl and would never have dreamed of cheating on her. Then got my heart broken. I would suggest being as open minded sexually as possible. Try anything once, or even twice. The more open you are, the more interested he'll be.

    • You are extremely far in a different dimension. I, for one, have had such a frivalous past that I am almost "fed up" trying to have a sexual relationship with women. I am more prone to desiring a lasting relationship and time together.

      Hopefully you get the picture when you mature, not everything regards sex.

    • I am matured, I got the "picture". I was a player in the past and got hurt really badly, if you actually read that. I'd never cheat on a girl again,but obviously sex is a major proponent of a relationship. You're 20 years old, do not call me out about relationships. I also am seeking something long-term that will be desirable. Thank you.

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  • Of course they can. The vast majority of married men never cheat on their wives.

    • I think it was 40 percent stay faithful in the pole I saw on it.;os

    • That's ridiculous.

    • Well, with studies- it is hard to make a single controlled factor. Relationships do vary! They vary in religion, ethnics, age, education, and other leading factors. It would be hard to generalize something like that to "40% are faithful" - it just doesn't show any facts. While I can agree with men wanting younger women and not always being satisfied, that doesn't mean we aren't being faithful, and I find it offensive that people see that as "Cheating" in essence.

      Best regards~


  • Young people tend to think of circumstances in black and white. As people get older, they tend to see the gray areas more, issues become more complex. I personally believe that if a man is not sexually satisfied in a marriage, he will seek it elsewhere, it's just a matter of time. Even if he doesn't cheat, he will become frustrated and will take the frustration out on his family. Another alternative is divorce of course.

    I believe being sexually compatible and able to compromise is important in a marriage. Tips on how to keep him sexually satisfied: Understand what turns him on, what his fantasies are, frequency he likes to have sex, etc. Every man is different.

    • In my opinion, you are correct regarding younger men - specifically highschool and the first few years of college. The older guys start to have a lower sex drive as they age. We tire over-time of trying to find interesting and "new" positions and or methods to keep things fresh.

      You have some great insight- and your ideas are dead accurate. I was interested in being satisfied, but it seems like the women I have dated, require too much instructions. Like assembling a car?! Its hell on the mind

    • Thanks. I enjoy reading your posts as well :)

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