If he didn't enjoy the kiss would he say so?

I've been dating this guy for a while. We hadn't kissed although he had made a couple of attempts. This time around he decided to ask if I've ever wanted to kiss him, it was obvious we both wanted to at the time cos the eye contact was intense, we kept getting close and he turned my head with his hand. Anyway it didn't happen cos i couldnt relax. Later on he mentioned kissing helping to decide if he's compatiable with someone which is understandable.

I was just about to get out his car then I went in for the kill and initiated the kiss. It was a few kisses, one after the other then when we stopped I said okay once more (he said i must be enjoying it since i said this). The last kiss was definetly better and I asked for his verdict. He said it was good and it starting to get better once I stopped talking lol. Then I randomly asked what my lips tasted like.

He texted me when he got in to say good night. And that was that. We didn't speak for a couple days, but we are back to communicating regularly so I'm happy.

So my question is in the title. If he didn't enjoy the kiss would he have said so? If there was no connection on his part would he let Me know?


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  • Some Guys Aren't As Blunt As Others So If He Didn't Like It, He Wouldn't Have Said Anything Either Way. If You Guys Are Still Talking Then He Liked It Or He Really Just Likes You & Forgot About The Kiss. Lol