So ex who wants to plan go to Cali with me?

She was suppose to visit me in nyc in new years. She decided not to because she said she stopped loving me.

I stopped talking for a month and told her that i never wanted to talk to her or be her friend. I hit her up and asked her if she still had feelings for me and she said no. 2 weeks later she started mentioning how she wanted to visit cali (she knew i wanted to visit also) and how she would love to travel from north to south.

She asked me how long i wanna go and I said 2 weeks. She said that's fine with her. I then notice she's hitting me up more often and messaging me when I don't respond to her Facebook messages.

she's acting very casual about it and taking her time in responding (as do i) and then I asked her if she'd be down to go to cali in the next 2 months. And she said yes.

What does that mean? I don't want to assume something that is not. Be honest guys.

When we Skype we Skype for 3 to 4 hours and it's actually very fun.

When I don't respond to her messages and take like 2 or 3 hours to respond then she'll do the same. Kinda like not trying to show too much neediness.

What is your opinion. I know emotions can lead us to over-analyze these situations.


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  • I think once the cali trip is over she's gonna go back to "not in love with you" anymore.

    • yeah i'm not gonna put all my chips in the bag. All i know we splitting it 50/50 lmao