Too real for this women to real for this girls to real for this hoes?

One day my ex told me you are to real for this hoes. The other day my ex best girl friend told me I'm to real for this women and a wile back my other ex told me you just to real for this girl. I asked my ex best friend why did they say this too me she stayed because you are way too nice you don't give a challenge cause you really are a good man not an ass hole to women so they take advantage or some run away you need to be more of an ass hole so you can get them to stay. I believe it's bullshit but I know she's right now days all women want a challenge so. Someone proove it wrong please i know they have to be wrong please show me there's still good women out here not game freaks that just wana have fun and fuck around and date around and never settle down with a nice good man. They settle with the wrong boys that all they want is to play a game of footsie and just fuck y'all for one day or a week and treat y'all like shit.


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  • Fuck them hoes!!! You know what's up!!!

    • Thanks at least you have more sense than them hoes up there hahaha

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    • Basically old childish hoes hahaha get mad

    • Yup!

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