Did being nervous ruin my chances?

I met a guy online about two weeks ago and went out with him twice last weekend, on Friday and then again on Saturday. We texted a ton leading up to the first date and it seemed like we were very compatible based on our conversations. I'm normally pretty confident but this time, I was nervous about meeting him because it seemed like we both had high expectations for the other and I was afraid of being a disappointment.

Both dates went really well: we had strong chemistry and could talk about anything, he bought me a few drinks, and we did a lot of kissing and goofing around but no sex.

He texted me last night asking how I felt about him so I told him I think he's attractive and I think we have strong chemistry. When I asked him what he thought of me, he said I seemed very nervous in the beginning but he liked that I was much more relaxed later on, and he was confused as to why I'd be nervous. I confessed that I was afraid of not living up to his expectations.

I then said I'd like to go out again and he said he won't be free for another two weeks (we both have very busy work schedules during the week and he's going out of town this weekend, which I already knew because he mentioned it during our dates.) He's also a very assertive and high-achieving kind of guy, like the type who would perceive nervousness as being weak and annoying rather than endearing.

Did I ruin my chances with him though? We're both 23, by the way.


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  • No you did not. I think you are overthinking it and he will want to see you again


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