Should I keep trying? or give up on this guy?

I met a guy in my shakespeare class about a month ago and we've been talking lately. he's asked me out to coffee but he was very shy so that didn't go very well.

a few weeks later, (after Christmas break) he asked me if i wanted to watch all the movies together instead of just reading the plays. i went to his apartment and we watched the movie in his bed (no cuddling, just sitting close to one another) and i stayed there for hours later, just talking with him.

he kissed me and apologized because it's hard for him to be intimate because the last girl he was with really did some damage to him.

that week we went out to lunch and he's so fun to hang out with.

its been about a week now and i haven't seen him. we tried to plan another day to watch the next movie but we are both too busy this week.

should i text him and tell him i want to see him again? should i wait until i hear from him? i have no choice but to see him in class sometimes (he skips a lot) so i don't know how to handle this. i'd really like to get to know him more and see where this goes. he's awesome.


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  • Let him ask you out again cause it will take some time for him to heal.

  • You could give him a push, for starters for him to get to class, try to give him time


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