I am in love with two guys

i am going out with this guy for almost 1year and we love each other but since 1month I'm falling in love with another guy and I'm always with him .my 1st boyfriend knew about what I was doing and I told him that I stopped talking to this new guy but actually I didn't stop..I'm so confused I can't decide between them whom to choose and I can't leave both


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  • You're not only confused you're a liar.

    Flip a coin. If you don't like the outcome, choose the alternative.

    You're right, you can't have both.

    God have mercy on the one you choose. He'll never be able to trust you.

    At 18-24 you need to establish boundaries. You have much ground to cover.

    They say that there is "brutal honesty". There is brutality and there is honesty.

    This is meant to be a brutal wake-up call.

    I know about lying and cheating. I've been in the same place. That's the reason for the succinct sermon.

    Your decision.



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  • i have the same problem. one is my ex. he lefted me. so I moved on. found someone new. my ex of a year found out recently and got really jealous as he knew my boyfriend.

    i am sticking to my boyfriend, as its as if I have used him if I dont