How should I convince my Teacher to go with me on holidays to Australia in next Half-Term?

I want my school teacher to go with me on holidays in next half-term which is this month. what should I do to convince him to go with me to Australia?

How should I convince my Teacher to go with me on holidays to Australia in next Half-Term as I have a big CRUSH on him?


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  • Yeah that's not gonna happen... Leave him alone, don't put him into trouble. Don't be selfish.

  • Teachers are forbidden from having social relationships with students. He could get fired for going with you and any respectable teacher wouldn't risk it even if he wanted to go.

  • I'm pretty sure he doesn't want to go to jail because of a horny student. Leave the guy alone.

    • he won't go to jail.

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    • You still will be. Get the idea out of your head. He won't want to risk losing his job or his freedom.

    • So true she needs to get her head out the clouds and date someone her own age

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  • You need to understand he is in a professional position to provide an education... if he doesn't want to be classed as a peado and go to jail will not cross the line... you are lusting after him this is common but you need to come back to reality and understand that nothing will come of this!!!

    • aren't we both adult to do anything we like?

    • Get over it regardless of age you are classed as a vulnerable person if he does anything it will ruin his career and his life

  • What's the reason why you want to bring your teacher?