Met a guy on tinder months ago, we're "talking" but should I trust him?

So there's this guy I met online. I'm into him, we've met up at public places, he has come over to my place a handful of times. He texts me every day, I can see myself being with him but he tends to disappear on the weekends (bar hopping with guy friends, things like that) and he calls drunk, inviting me over to his place, begging to see me. I always reject his offer, since I have yet spent a weekend with him. He's moving closer to me and he's super excited about it, he's always talking about taking me to certain places (lake house, favorite restaurants) but I'm not sure if he's really into me? I caught him once on tinder, supposedly he has deleted it since, he doesn't remember important things I share, but on the up side he loves my children, he says he wants me to himself... I'm confused. It's been years since I've dated, I need help.


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  • Maybe, try getting to know some of his friends? Parents?

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