What should I do about falling in love with my best friend again?

This girl and I are best of friends and we hang out 4-7 times a week. We talk everyday and it's mostly her call/text me to come over, or just to talk. She's 4 years older & when I asked her out 2.5 years ago when we first met, she told me that I'm too young and we should just be friends. I'm 26 & she's 30 and i honestly don't think age is an issue!

We spend so much time together and that's why I've fallen in love with her AGAIN. I did move on once before, but now I don't think it's going to be easy.

The thing is, her family loves me and invite me over, or out for dinner, etc and our friends all think that we're already dating. She always posts photos of us on Facebook and people comment how cute of a couple we are together, and she doesn't mind. Her mom even says it too!

Sometimes she'll do things like link arms with me, or put her hand on my thigh, or grab my hand and squeeze it. When we watch TV she'll put her legs under mine to stay warm.

Last weekend she invited me to dinner with her family but i already made plans with another female friend. i told her i would call her after, but then I get a text from her, "hey we just finished, are you done yet? Do you want to come over?"

She thought I was on a date, and she still went and kept texting me asking me how it was, where i went, etc. The next day she was texting some guy she met online dating and I got jealous and went home. She asked me, "are you jealous or something?" She texted me later so I told her that I was jealous and she said, "really? why? your my BFF".

I'm sleeping over Thurs & Friday night cuz her parents are going away. she always invites me to stay with her when her parents go away for the weeken or something. We sleep in diff beds, but still, she always has me stay over. I want to tell her how i feel, but I dont' want to ruin our friendship. I would know that i would have to distance myself.


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  • How did this end?
    Dis you tell her? I would like to say something but I need to know if something changed.

    • I haven't told her yet. So far this week we have hung out everyday. On Sunday she invited me to go to dinner with her family for her mom's birthday! It's so strange the relationship we have. We spend way too much time together for "just friends." When i try ignoring her to distance myself, she goes crazy and calls me a million times or texts me over and over!

      She always wants me to text/call her when i get home after i leave her and it's bad weather or i have a long drive home. Also, she has stopped texting guys around me. I think she may even have stopped talking to them all together because i haven't seen her texting 1 in the past few days. She could just be hiding it from me.

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  • Wait until Valentines day and give her a SHORT Love letter letting her know how you feel about her and this is very important at the end of it tell her that "no matter what you still want to be at least her best freind no matter what."
    She will need that safety net to land on of you still wanting to be her freind no matter how it end. If anything that will give her the confidence to try dating you because even if it does not go well she can still be your best friend.


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  • Awww I think you should definitely tell her how you feel life's too short too hold back!!


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