Friend zone myself out of fear?

So I'm into a girl but have self esteem issues so I friend zoned myself. If she would ever start to like me would she tell me. If we are friends and she starts to like me would a girl ever ask the friend out. Is it easier for a girl to ask a friend she likes out or an acquaintance?


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  • Sorry to bust your bubble but if you want this girl you're gonna have to make the first move. when you wait for somebody to show you they like you after you already know YOU LIKE THEM, you basically are being false friends with someone. If you want more than ask for it. I know you have self-esteem issues but maybe if you looked at it from another angle it wouldn't seem so impossible to ask her out. Just think about this, If you ask her out... What's the worst thing that could happen?

    • I actually want to be friends I was only wondering if she ended up liking if I would ever know. Now that I'm friends with her I feel it would be wrong to tell her I like her. I would feel like I lied. I would like to be friends and if I ask her out and she rejects that won't happen.

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  • um no she would think your nothing but a friend

    • I was wondering if a friend liked me would she tell me. Or would it have to be the one to bring it up.

    • depends. ask and find out. everyone is different

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