What type of guy/girl are you interested in?

Just curious:) tell me your type!! Hair color, eye color, size, personality, etc:)


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  • It mainly has to do with personality but is a bit complicated to explain.


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  • The girl I'm currently crushing on. I guess I'll describe her if you want:
    Dirty blonde

    Well fuck, I obviously need to see her more, cause I'm not even sure what color her eyes are. We never get 1 on 1 time together, cause we're just co workers at a grocery store.

    I THINK her eyes are greyish-blue.
    She's about 5'6" and petite
    She's really fucking funny, and witty, and intelligent, and great, and I just wanna love her and spend time with her omg.

  • Looks:
    Hair color doesn't make or break the deal, although I have a weakness for blondes
    Same thing with eye color, although I LOVE green eyes
    As for size, I just want her to be shorter and smaller than me (I'm 5'11" and 220 lbs) as well as healthy

    She shares many of the same interests as me (or is at least open-minded about my interests)
    She has an appreciation for fine arts
    She is very intelligent and can hold conversations about deep subjects
    She has maternal instincts and wants to me a mother one day (this is an absolute for me)
    She is kind to everyone
    She isn't afraid to speak her mind, but is respectful about it
    And she at least has an idea of what she wants to do with her life, and she strives to succeed

    I think my standards are pretty reasonable :)

    • *be

      Oh and I forgot, I'd prefer her to be a little older than me but I would date a girl who's the same age or a little younger if she's mature enough

  • i think it's really rare but i prefer smart lazy girl in good shape and she don't wourkout at all

  • blond-haired, blue-eyed sweet girl :)

  • on that looks kinda like you =P


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  • A loyal, nice gentleman with dark hair and broad shoulders.

  • Someone to just love me for me and not try to change who I am. Maybe someone who's strong and handsome lol, but generally I'd like a sweet guy who is a monster in bed, (Not like I would care, lol) but presentable in real life. Maybe dark hair and dark eyes, but I don't really care lol as long as they are nice, funny, and just overall fun to be around. :D

  • Blonde or brunette. Taller than me (taller than 5'0). Don't really care about the eye colour. Average to muscular build. Kind, funny, empathetic, supportive.

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