Why can't I just let things lay?

I've been seeing this guy who is in town for a work contract for a few months. I asked him tonight if he was sleeping with other people and he said no and asked me the same. I said, no for health reasons and also I don't like it. He agreed with me and he said, 'That he doesn't have enough game for 2 women'

About an hour after we were talking about his job and he was like 'Oh I should see if I got a message from them because I'm technically on call' and GUESS WHAT? there was a message from them telling him to come back into work. He left but he sent me a message when he got back to the base saying 'It's crazy. Sorry I had to bail like that. I was looking forward to the rest of tonight'

I mean I am probably over thinking and being crazy it but I know if it was his job he can't really do anything about it and he has to go in but I can't help thinking that he was totally put off by the whole 'are you seeing other people' thing and just wanted to bail.

SO IN MY INFINITE wisdom, I just sent him a message saying 'Hey. So if my 'Are you sleeping with other people' had anything to do with you leaving. Sorry. I don't want you thinking that I'm thinking this is more than it is. I know it's sex and fun for a short time. If it WAS work, then ignore this and I am clearly crazy.'

WWWWHHHYYY? Do I do this? Why can't I just let things be? why do I always try and explain my way out of it?


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  • lmao it should ease your mind to know that nothing you said will effect the "fun" that you two plan on having. No man would ever let a strange or uncomfortable question stand in the way of some... well you know.

    • Haha. Thanks. In response to the message I sent him? or the 'are you seeing other people?; or both? I literally need to just throw my phone away.

    • lol both!


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  • Yeah, you created a problem where there wasn't one. He left because of work and he even messaged you to reassure you that the problem wasn't you. The message you sent sounds like you're over-thinking it lol

    • ARGH! I know. Now it's all fucked because I sound crazy.

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    • Not yet but it's late here. ( We live overseas) so he's either sleeping or at work... at 1:03 am...

    • I didn't send the message at 1:03!!

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