Who would you go to first?

If your mom and your fiancé was both on their death bed my who would you visit and why assuming you only had time to visit one? My fiancé asked me this today.


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  • My mom. My life with her has history and meaning whereas I have only just begun to start to love my fiancé. Also they are dispensible as I'll probably meet another person.

    • Your life with your fiance has meaning and a future. Dont you think your fiancé would be hurt if she k we you cared about them less.

    • Who cares theyre gonna die anyway.

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  • My mom thats easy

  • How ridiculous. I have neither.


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  • My mom. No question about it

    • Why? You are about to marry your fiance. I said my fiancé not only because he asked that isn't the reason but because I am starting my life with him. Honestly you kind if expect your parents to go first. I don't mean that to sound heartless but its true is it not

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    • Maybe to you they come first that doesn't mean everyone has to feel that way. In what ways do they conne first? What if you were married would your parents still come first? To me a fiancé is much higher on the scale than a bf and he should be high up.

    • So my fiance should put his mom before our relationship?

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