Should I tell girl I think its hot she's into gymnastics or that it appeals to me or stay quiet ?

I meet this girl at a bar about a month ago and at time didn't know she was heavily into gymnastics , she's of somesort of eastern European descent and doesn't look athletic if you were to see her in person so I had no clue about this till I saw it on her Facebook page all the awards she had won and pics of her doing stuff.
anyways I haven't really said anything to her about this or how hot I'd find it to be with a gymnast. the idea of having sex with a girl into gymnastics is something I find very appealing on so many levels but I don't want to freak her out. so far only liked a couple of her photo's and just face pics of her not anything of her being more physical.

so should I say anything about the whole gymnast thing or just proceed like she's any other girl? do you think she'd like fact I found her more attractive cause she's into that?


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  • Don't bring it up too soon or you're gonna look like a creepy, pervy stalker. But if you must bring it up, you can casually mention you saw her gymnastics pics and ask her more about it. Then you can mention how it's something you find really interesting and fascinating about her. Stay away from being sexual about it. You can mention that later as your relationship develops but if she finds you're too excited about her being a gymnast she'll think you're obsessed with it and it'll become annoying/ a total turn off.

    • we don't know each other that well yet so maybe its best to do as you say. I don't know what she'd think of me being turned on by this , I agree I shouldn't mention it until we've actually taken things further

    • If a girl has a talent/skill/background that makes her more sexually appealing, of course she'll be more than flattered that you think so. But again, it's all in the timing and delivery.

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