I think it's time to ask him to f*** off?

Met this guy online last Sep. He texted me every day for the first month. We had sex on the third date and things started to change afterwards. Texts reduced quite a bit, only short ones every three/four days. He never took me out any more, although he cooked for me a couple of times and said want me to have drinks with his neighbours.

I wanted to give it some time to see what he wanted. So we stayed this home-movie-sex situation till now.

What really pissed me off is he changed his online dating profiles and pictures again - think that's the second time he did it while we kept our "relationship".

I really think I should deal with the situation and tell the guy to f**k off now. Any idea how to do it less dramatically?

I haven't been working for the last couple of months and my original plan was to bring it all to the table when my job situation get more clear. But I don't want to wait any more


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  • Did you that American economy (not trying to hate on capitalism) often impresses false desires into the mind of the consumer. In fact they go as far as to fabricate the desire and link it to some value that increases self worth. Never let material acquisition prevent you from living your life now.


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  • We don't require a speech. Just tell him that you lost interest. If he asks why, then, in this case, you can tell him the truth (the whole changing his pictures and keeping up with his dating profiles).

  • tell him to f off, he isn't treating you right, it isn't cool what he is doing, you should really break it up

  • Tell him you are having a torrid love affair with either Bobby Jindai or Jeb Bush.


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  • I think that if you're at this point you already know he has to go. It's pretty unacceptable for him to text you only once every few day and not stay exclusive to you. It sounds like he's been stringing you along for awhile now :c

    Cut him off however you feel is satisfying but be thorough with the cut. Just call him and straight up say this isn't working out for me kthxbai