Will this always be the case?

My bf of 4 years is a truck driver so I only see him in the weekends. We don't see each other a lot and on Sunday we had plans to be together all day. Just as he is about to pick me up to go to lunch he said his mom called him and wanted him to have lunch over there I said that's totally cool we can spend time with your mom since we usually see her every Sunday together. That's when he was like well um she just wants me over there and I'm like well we had these plans first. He went anyways which I didn't argue with him on I was like ok fine whatever but remember we are going to my uncles super bowl party at 5. He was like OK I'll leave at like 4:30. He left his moms at 5:30. I felt a certain type of way that he was dissing our plans when we don't see each other a lot and we had these plans first. If his mom was normal she would have said oh u have plans with ur gf first then she can come over too so so u aren't ditching her. This isn't the only time he put me on the back burner for her and if this was a one time thing j
I would let it to but it isn't. I asked my mom for her advice and she said if he isn't willing to stand up for me and put our relationship first for the most part after 4 years then I should never expect him to and I need to have a serious talk with him about how he views our relationship. Is my mom right?


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  • She is absolutely right. End it if your needs aren't being met. You can't make him change his behaviour you can only determine what you accept and what you don't.

    • I think I'm just going to sit him down and talk to him and if he doesn't start to priortize me more I'm going to seriously reevaluate our relationship

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    • I'm not making any excuses for him.. I said I am going to talk to him about it

    • 4 years, he is aware of how you feel and he hasn't prioritized you, he won't change that and if you kick up a fuss about it then he will dump you, not start putting you before others.