Is she Interested or shy?

Two months, I have been eye balling this girl at the gym, she has been looking at me as we'll when I can catch her, then she looks away... I get close she looks to the floor...
What I know:
Friend of mine is acquaints with her, says she is really, shy, he told her that I like her, so now, I had to man up and finally talk to her. She is single... Next few days I approach her, I introduce myself and she seemed interested, blushed, she smiled. I kept it short and sweet. Next day, tried to get her attention but, she didn't once look my way, I didn't say anything to her, I was sweaty, and didn't feel comfortable... but I tried to get her to look at me, so I could wave.

She walked out, said nothing to me... what should I do? Is she interested/ shy? Should I ask her out?


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  • dude just ask her out, you both are doing the whole high school style of "dating" looking at each other, ignoring to inspire more attention. just ask her out and be direct.

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