Should I ask her to a date on Valentine's Day?

We met 11 months ago, but nothing happened between us. We would just do small talk from time to time, but would never hang out. Now, 11 months later, we have happened to run into each other twice thus far, and she's initiated both conversations so I feel that there's some interest that she has in me. Im thinking about buying her dinner on Valentine's Day. Good or bad idea?

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  • I wish a guy would ask me out on Valentine's very sweet but alas either I'm just the worst person alive or all the guys near me are lame

    • Or you're really attractive and guys that see you think that you're taken because they think you're attractive enough not to always have guys going for you! Plus, they might just not have the courage to ask an attractive girl like yourself out!

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    • Oh gosh, you're telling me. Im assuming you're in college because only the majority of college guys would dress so preppy. Theyll grow out of it (hopefully), when theyre done with college. I feel you though, im thankfully not on that preppy bandwagon

    • Haha it's the worst when a guy dresses better than you do on a daily basis haha glad to know there are still some individuals out there like yourself

What Guys Said 1

  • Valentine's day would put a lot of pressure on the first date, i think.

    It is perhaps a better idea to go for a coffee someday rather than go for a Valentine's day dinner out of the blue. That can be a bit overwhelming

    • I feel you (not literally (thank God)). Personally, I have never had a bad first date and Im a hopeless romantic so I won't be overwhelmed at all, she might be though. Im just thinking, itd be better to be with someone that you kinda know than with nobody

    • Yea, I am quite the hopeless romantic too, i know what you mean.

      Even though you know her a little, that doesn't necessarily make it less overwhelming for her if she doesn't see it coming. Perhaps a coffee or other more casual date on Valentine's would be a good compromise.

      I am sure you'll think of something! ;)