When is it ok to ask about a guy's past relationships? I know he was married and divorced a couple of years ago, but he hasn't personally told me?

Been seeing a guy for about a month now. I'm 26 and he's 31. Any time something comes up about past relationships, he just refers to them as his "ex" or person he was dating. He never actually says ex-wife or mentions that he was married. Do you think he's trying to avoid talking about it? He doesn't know that I know, so should he have shared that by now? Is it weird that he doesn't talk about it? Or am I weird for wanting to know?


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  • I don't think that you're weird for wanting to know or talk about it, but I don't think that he's wrong for not brining it up. In fact, it's smart of him. Why bring up and talk about something negative, which will drag the mood down, unless you have to talk about it?

  • First, sit down with a piece of paper, and ask yourself why you want to know about his past relationships. Write each of your reasons down.

    If you can think of reasons that don't directly correspond to your personal insecurities, than ask away. Otherwise, just let it alone.


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