How do I know my boyfriend really likes me?

I think my boyfriend does but there are reasons I ask. I just want a few ways to tell that he really is there to stay. I would rather guys answer but if u know girls please comment.


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  • Unfortunately, you can't. You can't ever see into the heart and mind of the person you're with. You just have to trust, even if there's no good reason to. That's how relationships work, and that's why broken trust is almost impossible to repair.

    There have been relationships I've been in that I was sure were going to last forever, and then, I got dumped out of the blue, seemingly. You just never know, and you can't spend all your time worrying about it. Just enjoy the relationship that you're in while you're in it.

    • Thanks that comment helps I understand there is no way to tell. Thanks for the help!

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  • Ask his friends. It's a good way to tell, but like anything doesn't work 100% of the time


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