Should I have told him or not?

Tonight at work, I saw my crush talking to one of our co workers that he's friends with and I'm pretty sure I heard his friend say just go talk to her. He then came up where I was asked me where the trashbags were, took one and left.

I really want him to ask me out and it seems like his friend's are trying to encourage him to but he still hasn't done it. Later tonight, another one of our co workers asked me out for Valentine's day. I told him that I had a boyfriend (which I don't). I told my crush about the kid asking me out thinking that maybe it will give him that little bit of push he needs to ask me out. So he knows the kid asked me out and that I told him that I had a boyfriend. The kid that asked me out wanted to know what I was doing with my "boyfriend" and I told him that I didn't know so he said to tell him what I'm doing when I know. So I have to come up with another lie with what I'm doing. I told my crush I need to come up with a believable idea for a date I'm suppose to be going on, thinking that maybe that would open up an opportunity to ask me out.

His best friend (not the same person I heard him talking to before) walked up on us when I was telling my crush about the kid that asked me out. (Hopefully he will eencourage him more now).

Do you think I shouldn't have said something to my crush or do you think it will encourage him to ask me out?

Please no comments about how I handled the kid that asked me out. I already realize that it probably wasn't the best way.


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  • I think us as girls expect the guy to initiate everything first wether it's dates, texting or whatever. Maybe you should try to initiate a date, ask him out first.
    He probably hasn't asked you yet because he's nervous or scared of rejection.


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